ThetaHealing® - One-on-one Sessions

with Philippe Reynaud

TH Master & Science Instructor

ThetaHealing® One-on-One Sessions Online via Zoom

20 years of experience in Personal Development at your service!

The session for Personal Development assistance with the ThetaHealing® method is one of the most effective opportunities today to manifest changes in your life.

This session can be aimed at transforming aspects of health, as well as relationships, abundance, or even spiritual growth.

With each session, you receive all the attention of a personalized service and the power of Theta waves to drive real and fast changes in your life.

Philippe Reynaud is an International Instructor certified by the ThetaHealing Institute THInK

He promotes the official ThetaHealing® seminars as well as organizes online Individual Sessions in the USA, Europe and Brazil

Some Testimonials

"The Thetahealing session was a liberating experience. This professional knows how to conduct the practice with great competence, love and harmony. Lots of light for everyone in the Ascênsya space! Namaste"

Cibele C.

"It's a unique experience. It makes you get in touch with aspects within you that are beyond what we can perceive through the conscious mind. It's an intense job that motivates you to go beyond your limits, with a professional who works with love and care for each other."

Aline A.

"Highly qualified professional and energetically aligned with the vibrational field requested for the application of therapeutic practice. Anchored in the energy of unconditional love, he brings us to experiences within our being with great competence and reliability."

Mônica D.

"Excellent professional, super competent in what he does, transmits peace, which is essential for anyone looking for a service like ThetaHealing."

Natsumi M.

"I recommend it! He is very serene and conducts his work very well! I left the session feeling completely different!"

Celeste F.

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